Concrete Love – Recap

If you’ve not watched Birmingham’s newest drama Concrete Love then where have you been the past few weeks!? *DONT PANIC!* We have you covered. Click the links below to catch up. For those of you who are up to date here’s a recap of whats being going on ( There are no spoilers here, we wouldn’t do that to you guys.)

Minisode 1: ‘ First date’

Olivia sapphire ( Joellah Williams) starts dating a guy called Trae (Chaun Conscious). The pair seem to hit it off but is there more to Trae than meets the eye?
Minisode 2: ‘ No escape’

  With Olivia and Trae’s relationship blossoming everything seems bliss…until a mysterious man from Olivias past comes crashing back into her life.
Olivia wants to take the relationship to the next level but begins to wonder if ‘Yasmin’ is the reason Trae is so hesitant.
Right now that you’re all caught up. Heres the next episode;

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