Safone – Get To Know

Safone released the visual for his latest tune ‘Get To Know’ last week and it has got us so excited for summer (if we get one that is). In the fun filled video Saf seems to let his inner child roam free, as he cruises around Brum shooting unsuspecting people with his armoury of weapons (don’t worry they’re only water guns).

The video was filmed by Midlands very own P110 and kinda reminds us of those super soaker adverts we used to watch *MOOOREEE WATTEERRR* It also has us reminiscing about the good old days where you’d grab water bottles, washing up liquid bottles (and saucepans apparently) then hear your mom shout “IF YOU COME BACK IN THIS HOUSE ONE MORE TIME YOURE NOT GOING BACK OUT”…

Anyway, Safone was definitely on a mad one when he filmed this and with a super wavy beat, catchy hook and a hilarious music video he’s onto a winner. So if you don’t already,  get to know and watch below.


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