Brummie Champions


At least four Brummie athletes will be representing not just their city but also their country in the olympics this year and we’re almost as gassed as they are!

Elliot Giles (800m), Matthew Hudson-Smith (400m) and Danny Talbot (200m) all won gold medals making them British Champions whilst also securing their spot on Team GB. Shara Proctor who earned silver in the long jump will also be joining them.

Elliot seemed overwhelmed with emotion and struggled to find the words to describe how much it meant to him immediately after his race, but later posted a pic on insta with the caption;

I am British Champion!!! Despite being an emotional wreck in the post race interview I still “feel a million bucks” Thank you for all the kind words, it’s now time to get stuck in with a few quick races!  #runfree #unorthodox #800#stags #bros

Matt who had us cracking up in his interview when he promised he would get his brother a birthday prezzie posted;

Officially going to Rio. I AM A OLYMPIAN AHAH, !! Probably should finish my final university assignment and complete 2nd year #phase1🇧🇷🇧🇷

Danny kept it simple on twitter;

What a day. Off to Rio!!

Whilst Shara tweeted;

The stadium was electric today, love competing at the Alexander stadium. Easily one of my favorite places to compete

All four will be jetting off the the Netherlands next month to take part in the European Championships, alongside fellow Birchfield Harriers  Jarryd Dunn,  Julian Reid, Sarah MacDonald and  Laura Samuel.

We wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to see how many medals they will collectively bring back! #TunUp🏃🏾#BrumUp🔝



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