Brummie of the Month

Pinch Punch first day of the month! The weather may be miserable but we’ve decided to brighten up July by making Safone our Brummie of the month (but really though, sun where art thou!?)


Last month was certainly a busy one for the Handsworthian (yeah we’re gonna keep doing that). His music video ‘Get To Know’ got a crazy response, hitting over 48,000 views in just a couple of weeks.

Saf did us proud when he shut down Culture Clash performing ‘She Wants A Man From Brum’ to around 20,000 people and may we add he was the ONLY Brummie representing team Eskimo dance at London’s O2 Arena.

Speaking of representing, it seems like the track has made an erm… Shall we say “lasting impression” on one fan who had the song’s title permanently inked just above her panty line.👀👀*eh eh*


He also managed to hold a Mad one pop up shop in Digbeth last weekend. The one day store, gave fans the opportunity to meet the man himself as well as allowing them to buy exclusive on a mad one merchandise. The Mad one gaming FIFA tournament final was held on the day where winner Ben Eberle won a specially created belt, on a mad one clothing and £500!

On top of all this, the musician revealed that he also teaches secondary school kids (Where does he find the time?) It’s nice to see that he is giving back to the community as well as inspiring the next generation. Why didn’t we have someone like Safone teaching us in school?

We can’t wait to see what Sir MadoneMusic has in store for us this month.


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