Lady Leshurr WAYN Tour

The self proclaimed queen of Birmingham is forever dropping shurr-prises on us (lol get it) Following the hype from her track ‘Where Are You Now’ featuring the legendary Wiley, Lady Leshurr announces yet another tour! Please bare in mind ‘Queen of the Scene’ was only a few months ago. But with a song that bangs as much as WAYN we can see why a tour is a must.

The Brummie rapper kick starts her tour on the 22nd October in Liverpool and will then make her way around the UK. She’ll be performing in cities such as Newcastle, Glasgow, Brighton, Leeds and obviously the best of the bunch, Birmingham. With some tour dates being just a day apart and the longest being three, Leshurr is definitely putting in work!


Tickets went on sale today!! So click right here to get yours.

Just to give you a taste of what you can expect from the WAYN tour, here is her latest video. It became Vevo video of the week the same week that it was released. Just saying 😌


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