The Intent


After a whole load of anticipation The Intent is finally out! (We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched the trailer) Judging by the star studded cast this film is defo worth watching.

The movie stars Birmingham’s Very own Dylan Duffus as well as Scorcher, Ashley Chin and Shone Romulus. You can also expect to see appearances from the likes of Fekky, Krept and Konan.

Written and directed by the very talented Femi Oyeniran and Nicky slimting Walker, The Intent is about a group of guys growing up in the hood. They see the glamourous lifestyle portrayed by those around them and want it so badly they are willing to do anything for it. (And we mean ANYTHING.)

The cast have described the film as being the UK version of Boys In The Hood or Menace To Society and being different from other UK films such as Kidadulthood and BulletBoy. ‘It’s street’ says Ashley chin and It’s not about a particular character it’s about life growing up in the hood.

When talking about the planning that went into the movie, which was shot in just two and half weeks, writers Femi and Nicky said that the movie was written with scorcher and Dylan Duffs Nicky in mind. They went on to say that after watching the Birmingham based film ‘One Day’ they were blown away by Dylan’s performance.

The intent is now available to purchase on iTunes for only £9.99 and with it being in the top 5 already you know the film bangs. Still don’t trust us? Watch the trailer below 👀

We love it when we hear a Brummie accent in the mix.


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