More tea?

Now you know we try our best to give you the latest tea surrounding our fabulous city. However for once we’re LITERALLY giving you tea? or should we say coffee? Whichever hot beverage you prefer we have the stumbled across the perfect thing for you.

Starbucks have created a Birmingham mug as part of their City mugs range. The Mugs feature some of the city’s landmarks and they go on sale tomorrow . If you’re quick enough to be one of the first 50 to buy one, you’ll also get a free coffee! WinWin.  You can pick one up for just under a tenna in the following stores;

  • The Bullring
  • The Bullring (Kiosk)
  • Colmore Row
  • The Fort Shopping Park
  • Gracechurch Centre Sutton Coldfield
  • New Street
  • Touchwood Solihull

So what are you waiting for… Go get yourself a big old cup so that you’re ready for our next serving.


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