M I S to the Top of the charts

Saying that Mist is back with a bang is a serious understatement! The trailer for ‘Ain’t The Same’ literally looks like a it’s advertising a film. (He wasn’t lying when he said he only shoots movies) Who even has a trailer for a music video anyway? #Goals


Shot in stunning Dubai by the amazing Frost, Mist gives us a taste of the high life, with private yatch’s, quad bikes and chains upon chains. All this and we’ve only seen a preview. We can expect to see the music movie because it’s more than a video next week so keep your eyes peeled.

‘Aint The Same’ is the 5th track featured on the new EP entitled M I S to the T. The project was only released today but it’s already shutting down iTunes and is right at the top of the general album charts.


Sickmade Karla is getting a great response on Twitter with every tweet having a fire, explosion or wave emoji attached to it. The people have spoken…this one is hot, explosive and wavey all at the same time! We like to call that volcanic.😏

M I S to the T is available now to purchase. Go and get it,  you won’t be disappointed.


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