Brummie Of The Month

We think it’s about time we gave the title ‘Brummie of the month’ to royalty. When it comes to ruling the month of October there is only one queen that can wear our crown!

Yasss! Lady Leshurr has been taking no L’s and September has been a great month for the ‘WAYN’ rapper. She’s been nominated for Best Female Act at the upcoming MOBO awards, has appeared in both NME magazine and The Metro and still found time to link up with Vevo to give them a tour of our beautiful city.


If that wasn’t enough, this month her majesty will be shutting down the music scene with a string of live performances. On the 8th October she will be performing in Liverpool at BBC 1xtra Live, those lucky Liverpudlians also get to host the opening of her SECOND UK tour of 2016. The ‘Where are you now?’ tour begins on the 22nd and closes in Leeds on the 30th.

Sheesh Lesh! Where do you find the energy?

Click here to vote for Lady Leshurr to win Best Female Act




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