Brummie Of The Month

As bonfire night approaches, the temperature plummets and the mornings become *foggy*. We suggest you pull out your winter coats or the cold might *make you sick*. But enough about the weather can you guess who our Brummie of the month is?

Of course! Mist takes over November with all his Sickmade karla-ness (we don’t even know what that means LOL)

Next month the Brummie rapper will be performing at various venues across England. The sick made Karla tour completely sold out in a matter weeks and was supposed to start in Leeds on 12th December.  An extra date was added due to popular demand, so now the four day tour will begin in Manchester on the 11th. Mist’s last show will be in London on the 14th (and obviously he will be performing for us Brummies in between)

Adding an extra date clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy his fans. The rapper also had to change several of his venues to places with a higher capacity. And yep, you guessed it. They all sold out too.


It’s not surprising that there has been such a hype surrounding this tour. His second music video movie ‘Ain’t The Same’ hit a tremendous 2 million views on YouTube in just over two weeks. TWO MILLION! (We reckon we watched in about a million times though.)

Now, we’ve finally worked out how he manages to get so much done. He was joined by Mostack, Steel Banglez and Sevaqk and together they shutdown link up TV’s 30 minute challenge by creating a record in about six minutes. With that kind of turn around we can’t wait to see what else our man of the month will come out with next.



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