The Weekend Movie Premieres in Brum


Last night we were lucky enough to clinch much sought after tickets to the sold out Birmingham premiere of The Weekend Movie. Now, you know we love a good old chuckle but this will have you needing to cancel your gym membership because after watching this film you’ll have abs of steel. This star studded hilarious film had us literally LOL’ing and wiping away tears of laughter. So yeah waterproof masarca needed.

Without giving too much away the urban British comedy centres around three friends Derrick (Jovian Wade) Malcom (Percelle Ascot) and Tyler (Dee  Kaate). Due to a mix up they end up with £100,000 in cold hard cash and as they plan to have the best weekend ever they end up getting themselves into some rather amusing situations. Three expensive trims, Three new wardrobes, a Range and one tun up party which later gets intruded by a couple of gangsters… Looking for their money *Gulp*

The viewing at the Electric cinema was followed up with an insightful Q&A  session with writer and comedian Kojo Anim and director Sheridan De Myers. They explained how important it was for them to seek out new talent and not just to focus on emerging acts from London but to represent the UK as a whole. We spotted a couple of Brummie actors and extras in the film and with talks of a sequel set in sunny Ibiza were hoping to see a lot more you popping up in part two.

During this week there will be premieres across the UK in other cities such as London, Manchester and Leeds. The movie will be available to download on iTunes in January 2017. Can’t wait till then then check out all the screenings here. But be quick as they are selling out fast and the last viewing is just two weeks away.


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