Brummie Of The Month

The Birmingham collective Lotto Boyzz have swooped in and taken over the month of May. The versatile artists have been killing the music scene lately with tunes such as ‘Bad Gyal’ and ‘Hitlist’. The latest song from the duo ‘No Don’ have smashing up the airwaves, playing on every radio station and in clubs.


Not only have the Lotto Boyzz taken over the month of May, but they have some big movements sliding their way also. Firstly being booked for like everything so if you haven’t seen or heard of them you will be very soon.

Secondly Ash and Lucas are one of the supporting acts for the J Hus tour. The Boyzz will be travelling around the UK this month. Starting from today where they will be performing up north in Newcastle and finishing off in Norwich. ‘The Birmingham show is on the 8th but unfortunately it is completely sold out.


Then we have recently seen a cheeky little snap of rapper Mist jamming to a song with the caption ‘Mist x Lotto Boyzz’ could this be Brummie collab alert, could it be released in their month? We will have to see, but that’s enough reading for now lets enjoy the Afro Bashment sound of Lotto Boyzz this bank holiday Monday.

Lotto Boyzz – No Don


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